The Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust

The Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust is an independent Scottish charity, NO SC043648 registered in 2012. The Trust has been set up by professionals from various fields, including health specialists, community development strategists, technology experts, and government advisors, and is working with the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland. Representing 85,000 Scottish Muslims, the Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust will address healthcare, safety, and fraud related risks pilgrims face during their holy journeys. Through the delivery of several core services tailored to the pilgrims’ needs and by working together with Scottish Imams, travel agents, NHS certified medical staff, and Ministries at home and abroad, this Scotland-wide initiative will enhance the pilgrim experience for all Scottish Muslims. The Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust seeks to position Scotland as the pioneer in the western world in the way it provides a full range of government aligned Hajj and Umrah services for its pilgrims.

Hajj 2015


The Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust introduced the first phase of the development of an innovative medical wristband solution, iMbrace, which forms an intrinsic part of the Trust’s personal travel healthcare service.


iMbrace Medical Wristband


The iMbrace medical wristband securely contains each pilgrim’s unique health and travel data, allowing NHS certified GPs to rapidly access patients’ medical records in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide timely, on the ground personal medical contact and support to all Scottish pilgrims on every stage of their journey.

This year, 400 pilgrims wore the iMbrace medical wristband, and by next year the Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust aims to have all Scottish Muslims wearing the iMbrace during their pilgrimage.

A full range of services will be in place for Hajj 2016 Insha’Allah.

The Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust is a charity seeking to promote the highest standards of health and wellbeing for pilgrims. Liaising with local and national authorities in both Scotland and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this Trust will act as a blueprint for other countries.

This unique charity will benefit all Scottish Muslims undertaking Hajj and Umrah as well as the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland, Scottish travel agents, and officials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.