25th August 2015

With over 1,000 Scottish Muslims preparing for their Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah next month, the Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust is launching the iMbrace, a personalised medical wristband especially for Scottish pilgrims, on Wednesday 26th August.

The innovative iMbrace medical wristband has been developed by the Scotland-based consultancy Napiershall Formula and the Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust.

Scottish pilgrims will be the first to wear such a technological medical wristband”, explains Dr Mohammed Sharif, one of the Trust’s board members and a Glasgow-based General Practitioner.

This will ensure that all those performing Hajj from Scotland can get access to the most appropriate medical care should they take ill”.

The iMbrace medical wristband will securely contain information about the pilgrim’s health, prescribed medicines and allergies and can be accessed and updated only by qualified doctors who are travelling with the pilgrims and will be in Makkah.”, added Dr Sharif.

The Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust is working closely with the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland on the development of the iMbrace medical wristband.

Two NHS certified doctors from Scotland – including Dr Sharif – and representatives from the Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust will be on hand to assist pilgrims.

iMbrace’s integrated software contains each pilgrim’s unique health and travel data, allowing NHS certified GPs to rapidly access patients’ medical records in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide timely, on the ground personal medical advice and support to Scottish pilgrims on every stage of their journey. All pilgrim information accessed through the iMbrace medical solution will be protected under the data protection act.

Based on further research and the experiences of pilgrims and doctors during Hajj 2015, the Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust aims to further develop the iMbrace medical wristband and other healthcare and pilgrim safety services for future years.

This medical wristband is a first for Hajj and we are looking at developing this wearable technology and a suite of personal travel healthcare services for the 21st century pilgrim.” says Abdul Aziz Rasool, Managing Director at Napiershall Formula.


The initial iMBrace medical wristband will be unveiled in Glasgow on Wednesday August 26th at Kabana Restaurant, 64 Seaward Street G41 1HJ at 15.00 hrs.  At least forty Imams from Greater Glasgow area, doctors, MSPs, influential representatives from the Muslim community are expected to attend. You are invited to send a reporter/photographer.

Following this launch, all Scottish pilgrims going on Hajj 2015 will be encouraged to register and receive their personal iMBrace medical wristband through their travel agent or through the Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust website at www.scottishhajjtrust.org, granting them access to organised personal travel healthcare services.

The Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust is an independent Scottish charity no: SCO043648 registered in 2012 and is working the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland. The Trust Board Members are Habib Malik, Dr. Mohammed Sharif, and Anwari Din.

For further information:
Email: info@scottishhajjtrust.org
Phone: Habib Malik or Lauren McWilliams 0141 280 8111